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ArchiAssist has kept in touch with all users of the Master and only one (out of over 300) has been dissatisfied, and they couldn’t really explain why.

Queensland Practices Testimonials

“…the final document proved to be contractually solid.”

Geoff Street
Director, dwp

“This is a comprehensive set of Specifications.”

Thomas Pugh
Senior Structural Engineer, Sedgman Yeats

“Greg, loving your Spec…”

Deb Robbins
Director, Aspect Studios

“I’ve completed my first ArchiAssist Spec and I am very impressed…It was easy to understand and much quicker than other spec systems I’ve used. Keep up the good work Greg “.

Mark Thomson

“The service was good regards the shorter and smaller document…the quick response times of…the Spec delivery.”

Michael Bailey
Associate, Cox Rayner Architects

“The service is first class!”

Steve Kellermeier
Steve Kellermeier Architect Pty Ltd.

“…the result is good tight documentation.”

Lester Ehrlich
Director, Elia Architecture

“The spec package is great. We have gone to tender…with minimal queries from Builders.”

Daniel Bullock
Bullock de Barbera Architects

“Our projects are generally well scheduled so it has been very quick to undertake specifications using ArchiAssist.”

Kieron Gait
Kieron Gait Architects

“We enjoyed the currency of the Specification, quick turnaround times, and general level of co-operation and expedience. I would recommend Greg’s service to other Architects…”

Edward Haysom
Director, Haysom Architects

“…[ArchiAssist] freed up our time to focus on the design, drawing and coordination aspects of the project.”

Con Cayas
Director, Cayas Architects

“Greg was recommended to us by another Architect we knew quite well…We recommend Greg to other Architectural Practices.”

Ric De Luca
Director, ARC2 Architects

“The [ArchiAssist] spec is great. Easy to use, simple to understand and covers a lot of the grey areas that we had in our previous specification. It’s a quick and easy specification that is thorough, cost effective and continually updated. Also Greg’s assistance outside of business hours to help us meet our deadlines is incomparable. Highly recommended!”

Zammi Rohan
Director, Centrepoint Architects

“I have used it [ArchiAssist] on a few residential & small commercial projects & have found it very easy…I don’t have big fees on these projects so a easy to use spec is very handy”

Michael Mitchell
Director, DDLA Landscape Architecture

“We have benefited from having a tight set of documents…The projects Greg has worked on have been successful and the Clients have returned for more work. I would recommend Greg’s service to other Architects.”

Ryall Smyth Architects

“Greg has assisted Arqus Design with expert Specification advice on a number of significant and complex projects…We have always appreciated Greg’s professionalism and attention to detail and would be pleased to recommend his services.”

Scott Peabody
Director, Arqus Design

“Greg’s service allows the Architect to focus on co-ordination, documentation, budgets and staying on program.”

Tony Heath
Director, Tony Heath Architects

“We were able to get the Spec done parallel and timed to the preparation of design and drawings. We have found that…service providers like [ArchiAssist] works for us.”

Ray Sweeney
Director, Mondo Architects

“We learnt about Greg through a Student of ours who had participated in one of Greg’s QUT lectures and we had no hesitation…DegenhartSHEDD would indeed recommend [ArchiAssist] to others…The service provides more protection for the Owner and alleviates the uncertainties of construction quality, ensuring a more predictable and reliable outcome.”

Amy Degenhart
Director, DegenhartSHEDD

“While we pride ourselves in providing all the necessary detail on the drawings, the Specification certainly adds further clarity and fills in the blanks so to speak, adding value to the project and reducing the risk of possible variations or disagreements And as a result of Greg’s Spec, we have received limited Contractor RFI’s. We also understand that due to the level of clear documentation (which in large part includes the Spec) the Contractor has received more competitive Sub-Contractors quotes than on previous projects of a similar nature.”

Wayne Lamb
Director, Cadway Projects

“The specification was very good and so far we have not had any issues on site regarding co-ordination of the spec with our drawings.”

Graham Tippins
Director, Reddog Architects

“I have gone through the spec and generally think it is great. I really like it and it seems to give us a lot more certainty and security than our previous spec.”

Beau Hilliar
Director, Catus & Hill Landscape Architects

“I like your logic. Keep it simple and cover it off once.”

Natasha Prasek
Associate, PDT Architects

“We are going really well with it [ArchiAssist], and it has demystified the whole spec process.”

Matt Moran
Principal, Bickerton Masters Architects

“As always is the case, the spec was handy in detailed situations where the docs otherwise did not state a particular thing”

Luke Rowlinson
Director, Rowlinson Architects

“The service that you provided and your RFI process was a very efficient and thorough way of working. Thank you for your efforts on this project.”

Sebastian Brameld
Thomson Adsett

“Very simple, straight forward. I’m a happy user…but the ultimate test is when we’re having an argument with the builder and trying to save our bacon in front of the client.”

John Ford
Director, Ultralinea Architecture

“I found it really easy to edit and have peace of mind that it will provide added risk protection once the project starts on site.”

John Lea
Director, Lea Design Studio

“…photo shows the progress at [XYZ Project]…the level 6 formwork at the top, after that only one more floor, then roof. We have not been specifically tested on any item in the spec which has been good. The project isn’t finished so still room for problems, but fingers crossed, there won’t be any…”

Anthony Robinson
Director, Sprout Architects

“The specification…has been good…the spec has been referred to…in previous projects and stood up well… The [XYZ Project]…about to begin construction…the tender process was successful and produced a very favourable price for [Client]…”

Grant Calder
Director, Flexure

“So far, so good…We have used the specification on a number of projects which are currently on site. There have not been any specification related issues.”

Peter Boyce
Director, Novum

“The specification you wrote fus us for [XYZ Project] was great, no RFI’s from the tenderers regarding the specification.”

Kymme Laird
Senior Associate, Neylan Architecture

“The specs on our project were well received and…we essentially had zero queries after they were issued for construction. We take that to mean all parties think they were excellent! Thanks again for your assistance.”

Richard Lynam
Director, Zenx Architects

“I recommended Greg’s services to Clients as I prefer to have a Specification that I can rely on.”

Damiano Sponza
Director, des design

“We’ve sent out one version of your spec already, thank you it was very useful.”

Michael Bailey
Director, Open Architecture Studio

“The ArchiAssist Specification went extremely well.  I set aside a day to complete the preliminary issue, and…finished it between two and three hours.  Very easy to use.  This project’s manager…has reviewed the preliminary issue and was also pleased to get through it in a short time.”

Bud Brannigan
Director, Bud Brannigan Architecture

“[ABC Project] has been tendered and about to start construction…We have received a couple of minor RFI’s during the tender period, which talks about the good level of our documentation.”

Martin Arroyo Castillo
Architect, James Davidson Architect

“I’m loving the spec and it has proven to be robust when disagreements arise.”

Andrew Webb
Director, WD Architects (QLD)

“We’ve had no problems with the spec at all. The process, as always, was very smooth. You provide an excellent service which is very much appreciated.”

Craig Owen
Architect, Thelander Architecture (QLD)

New South Wales Practices Testimonials

“Greg has been of great assistance on the project and his efforts are much appreciated”

Tim Farrell
Director, Tim Farrell Architects

“Wrote my first spec in a little under 4 hours”

Gary Finn
FS Architects

“Once I had read the sample specification I knew that I was onto something good. It looks perfect to me and…writing a good spec has always been an issue. This will help. I like the approach of a master set that you delete from.”

Mike Faine
Faine Group Architects

“I produced a comprehensive 87 page specification for a $2m commercial project in less than a day. I found it to be quite an easy process. I’d definitely use ArchiAssist again.”

Michael Tolhurst
Melinda Dodson Architects

“I really am pleased with ArchiAssist as it’s extremely helpful and reduces time doing specifications.”

Tess Michaels
Director, Tessa Rose Landscapes

My experience with ArchiAssist so far has been great. It’s really easy to use, quite self-explanatory and very thorough. I’ve also enjoyed using it… tendering out projects. In all we are very happy with ArchiAssist!”

Rob Woodward
Director, ESS Lifestyle Architecture

“I am using ArchiAssist all the time on all of our projects! It is fantastic and very easy to use and understand. Thanks so much for your hard work!”

Nermine Zahran

“Spec was good. Took about 2.25 hours to watch the video, read the Guide and finish it.”

Darren White
Director, Baseplate

“This Spec’ of yours is very good…The format you have created reflects a well written and practical document. I remember when I did the first job using it – I liked it…easy to set-up, solid”

Jeff Robinson Architect

“I just went through marking it all up and it was great!”

Rob Snow Architect

“…so far it has been very simple to use.”

Ian Moore
Director, Ian Moore Architects

“Thanks, it’s been good…I’ve got 2 more projects coming to the tail end of design development so will be ordering extra copies soon”

Hong Lau
Director, hla architects

“The Specification seems to have gone well on the project I tendered and have now awarded. I found it gave me some comfort across the board (and for my clients)”

Craig Teasdell
Director, Craig Teasdell Architect

“I find it [ArchiAssist] great. Easy to prepare and makes sense.”

Luke Durack
Director, Durack Architects

“The specification was well received thank you”

Kirsten Prince
Assoc Director, Nettleton Tribe

“The project that we used your spec on has been completed – [XYZ Client] were quite rigid about documentation and procedures. ArchiAssist really helped me put a comprehensive spec together quickly. I will most certainly be using it again…”

Seth Kowarski
Architect, Xenia Constructions

“I am using ArchiAssist for all my projects. It’s very easy to use and comprehensive.”

Kim Murray
Director, Kim Murray Architect

“I have already created my first spec…it was a pretty easy one and the spec made it nice and simple.  I am really happy with it and look forward to using it again.”

Paul Wilsher
Director, Paul Wilsher Design

“Your services were a great addition to ViewThru.  I will definitely include you in our future Tender documentation process.”

Jim O’Brien
Director, ViewThru Building Design

“All good with the spec package so far.  Very simple and straightforward, which is great.”

Isabelle Toland
Director, Aileen Sage Architects

“I have found the ArchiAssist specification to be very helpful…

Amy Campbell
Director, Amy Campbell Architect

“…So far it [ArchiAssist] works well for us, the spec guide is easy to follow…

Darren Chan
Associate, Krikis Tayler Architects

I do like your delete system – reading through I learn a bit more about the process, materials execution etc each time.”

John Lynch
Director, Studio 153 Design

The spec was great and the process was also good…”

Matt Cooper
Director, Aspect Architecture

I finished the spec and was really happy with the process.”

Fraser Mudge
Director, Fraser Mudge Architects

Thanks Greg, got it sorted and very simple to use.”

Guy Ward
Director, Reward Character Designs

“We have used your product before and were quite happy with it…”

Martin Bednarczyk
Director, ArchiSpectrum (NSW)

Victorian Practices Testimonials

“Thanks Greg…all good…happy with ArchiAssist” and “Thanks again for your superb Master Spec Greg.”

Richard Kerr
Richard Kerr Architecture

“I look forward to using it [AchiAssist] in my other projects.”

Jack Tu
Director, The Arch Deli

“…the easiest specification process I have ever been through. Well done.”

Daniel Moore
Director, Open Creative Studio

“The Spec went well, very easy to use. Only took a couple of hours to go through and complete.”

Jake Nancarrow
Inarc Architects

“The Spec is working well, thanks. Just used it on a smallish commercial/hospitality project and I think it’s done the trick!”

Chris Barnes
Director, Field Office Architecture

“So far no questions relating to the Specs from the Builder which is a good sign. All in all, your Specs are easy to use and take far less time to set up”

Tobias Munch
Director, Placeformspace

“Working great, really finding it an efficient system.”

Leon Eyck
Director, DE Atelier Architects

“The ArchiAssist Master worked fine and thank you…”

Adam Tugendhaft
Director, Tugendhaft Architecture

“So far we love your document and haven’t had any queries from the builder – which I believe is a good indication to its versatility & clarity.”

Lisa DeFazio
Director, Phold Design Collective

“… for someone who hasn’t had a lot to do with specifications, it was much easier to delete than add add add. I’m sure next time it will be simpler & easier again.”

Shaun Watson Architect
Designers by Nature

“The spec has been great, easy to use and very clear for the builder to read.”

John Tucker
Architect, Inarc Architecture

“Thank you for creating such an easy-to-use product.”

Karl Baumann
Director, Karl Baumann Architecture

“We have been using [ArchiAssist]…and have found it to be very easy to use and thorough in its coverage of specification requirements.”

Angus Wallace
Director, Plico Design Studio

“I found this [ArchiAssist] very easy to use and is a great product.”

Kate Corke
Director, Studio CoBe (VIC)

“The spec you provided for me in 2021 for a project size of over $10M…was a much simpler set of documents. Your spec was also simpler and easy to include. Your clause in regard water proofing proved to be invaluable for me as the builder filed to follow the spec detail….”

Robert Blair
Director, RBi Architects (VIC)

South Australian Practices Testimonials

“It was great thanks. I have to write spec very rarely, so it was brilliant to access your spec without spending huge amounts on other systems. I will definitely use your service next time I need it. Thank you!”

Peter Adley
Director, Yardstick Landscape Services

“…happy to recommend the spec.  Has been a great working document for the office, plus your personal service is a great extra.

Gabriel Ash
Director, Gabriel Ash Design

West Australian Practices Testimonials

“I do like it, so hopefully will use it in the future.”

Andrea Webster
Director, Realeyes Design

“…we love your spec, it’s been terrific…we are looking forward to using many more of them…”

Kate Fitzgerald
Director, Whispering Smith

“…the spec worked well for the project and will probably use it on the next couple of residential projects I’m working on.”

Mike Edwards
Director, Mike Edwards Architecture

Northern Territory Practices Testimonials

“The spec was good for me, thank you…I would use the spec again if required.”

Joanna Rees
Director, Ajar Architects

3 Sample Specifications

Architectural Full-version
Specification Sample

Interiors Full-version
Specification Sample

Landscape Full-version
Specification Sample

Architectural Specification Products

Architectural Full-version
Specification Sample

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Architectural Specification Products

Architectural – D&C
Specification Sample

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Architectural Specification Products

Interiors D&C
Specification Sample

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Architectural Specification Products

Landscape – D&C
Specification Sample

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Architectural Specification Products

Landscape Full-version
Specification Sample

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Architectural Specification Products

Interiors Full-version
Specification Sample

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