Interiors Specification Master, Full-Version Construction Quality.

For when full construction detail is required in a concise package that is easy to edit and produce.  Read the Guide then get your Spec done within a day.

If you are considering using the Interiors Master, the Architectural Master has all the detail in the Interiors Master.  It just takes more work to convert the Architectural Master into an ‘interiors-only’ Specification.  The Interiors Master has small exteriors detail because some interiors projects spill-over to the outside.

Download the free sample first if you are unfamiliar with this Master.

Interiors Specification Guide.

Read this 4 page Guide before you start your Specification.  The rest is easy.

Interiors Tender Conditions and Tender Form.

For traditional Tender pricing.  It is concise yet sets a high Tender standard.  It includes the Tender Price Schedule for Tenderers to break-up their price into a logical order helping with Tender analysis and with assessing contract Progress Claims.

Interiors Door Schedule.

A smart, logical and concise presentation of what sometimes can be too complex a document.  It is not a Door Hardware Schedule.

Interiors Internal Room Finishes Schedule.

All the finishes of internal rooms in one easy to write, easy to read, logically set out schedule.

Interiors Project Detail Schedule.

This is unique to ArchiAssist and can replace multiple common schedules.  Its simple logical set out matches the Specification Sections, so anything relevant to a particular Section can be easily found.

Interiors Add-on Services Specification Master, Full-Version Construction Quality.

This add-on is a separate short Specification complimenting the full-version Interiors Specification.  It contains electrical, mechanical and hydraulic detail in Design & Construct format (the Builder provides full Subcontractor documentation).

Interiors Specification Master, Design and Construct (D&C) Quality.

For projects issued at developed design stage only.  Often only drawings and schedules are done so this completes the package.  It reflects exactly the full-version Master, less the micro-detail.  It’s very easy to read and edit.  We advise using the full-version Master for construction, however if a Designer of smaller projects usually omits a Specification, using this Master is so much better.

Download the free sample first if you are unfamiliar with this Master.  Compare this D&C sample directly, side-by-side with the full-version sample (they both use the sample hypothetical project as a base, and the D&C Master is ordered the same as the full-version Master).

Interiors Add-on Services Specification Master, Design and Construct (D&C) Quality.

This add-on is a separate short Specification complimenting the D&C Interiors Specification.  It contains fundamental electrical, mechanical and hydraulic detail.


Updated documents are published on-line every 1st April and 1st October.

Updates are free-for-life (perpetual subscription) after the initial Specification Package purchase, meaning one payment gives you all future updates.

Updates are free because ArchiAssist thinks that it is vital to always have a good Master Specification and we never want you to go without such a critical documentation tool, for reasons of cost.

Free-for-life updates has been running for some time now and over 150 different practices across Australia enjoy this service.

ArchiAssist will be working to produce more discretionary type documents for income. Also, it is just good for ArchiAssist to give back to the industry it has been a part of for so long.


Another free-for-life service is that you can call-in or email anytime, even during construction, to quickly have any Specification questions answered. This is a comprehensive Master and there is something there to at least help on-site resolutions.

$1,300.00 +GST

The Package price will rise to $1,500+GST on 15th December 2023.

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